Witness testifies man admitted he shot driver Taneytown teen says Sible suggested holdup of Pizza Hut worker

January 28, 1998|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,SUN STAFF

A Taneytown teen-ager, who was promised a lenient jail sentence in exchange for her testimony, said yesterday that co-defendant Edward F. "Eddie" Sible admitted several times after an attempted armed robbery last winter that he shot a pizza delivery woman.

Melissa A. Redding, 19, is the state's key witness against Sible, 19, of Harney, who is accused of shooting Linda D. Bond, 48, in a botched robbery attempt Feb. 20.

Redding told the Carroll County Circuit Court jurors that she, Sible, Cory A. Coil, 20, of Taneytown and her boyfriend, Leo "Joey" Brandenburg, 18, of Taneytown, were driving around and drinking before Sible suggested robbing the Pizza Hut delivery driver because they wanted money to buy crack cocaine.

Redding said she made the phone call to order a large pepperoni pizza to a remote area off Roop Road about five miles from Taneytown.

That call lured Bond, a delivery woman at the Taneytown Pizza Hut, to Roop Road, where she was wounded by a shot from a .22-caliber pistol after she failed to stop, as the teens expected.

Despite the wound, Bond drove back to the Pizza Hut, where co-workers called for help.

Redding said her role was to sit in the car nearby for 10 to 15 minutes before picking up the "guys" -- Sible, Coil and Brandenburg.

Redding described how the trio got into the car. She said Coil drove them away from the crime scene. She said Sible was swinging the gun around and said a few times in a loud voice: "I shot the bitch."

Under questioning from Joseph Murtha, a Baltimore attorney representing Sible, Redding said she did not initially tell state police the "whole truth."

She said she did not mention Brandenburg because she wanted to protect him.

She also admitted that she did not tell anyone about Sible swinging a gun around and saying that he had shot Bond, until after a plea bargain had been worked out with prosecutors.

Redding pleaded guilty to robbery conspiracy charges in August.

According to her plea agreement, she is to be sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but 18 months suspended and will serve that term at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Coil and Brandenburg also pleaded guilty in the robbery conspiracy and were sentenced in November to 25-year prison terms.

Murtha's questioning of Redding yesterday also focused on how much she and the co-defendants had been drinking that February night.

Prosecutor Clarence W. Beall III had elicited testimony from Redding that Sible was not stumbling, nor was his speech slurred.

Redding said she did not know how much Sible drank. She said she drank a bottle of wine and that the others were drinking 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor while they planned the robbery, checked out the Roop Road area, picked up the gun at Sible's house and placed the bogus pizza order.

Beall rested the state's case. The third day of the trial is scheduled today.

Pub Date: 1/28/98

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