School board asks judge to rethink her ruling in student-shifting effort Seven Oaks children center of legal tangle

January 28, 1998

The county school board is asking county Circuit Judge Pamela North to reconsider her ruling that blocked the board's efforts to move students in a racially mixed community from schools with mostly white students to schools that are half-minority.

On Jan. 17, North dismissed the county board's appeal of a state school board decision to keep children who live in the Seven Oaks neighborhood out of Meade Senior High School and the schools that feed it.

Yesterday, P. Tyson Bennett, a school board lawyer, said North's ruling did not take into consideration case law he argued in a November hearing that was not part of the briefs he submitted.

A federal civil rights complaint that school officials are trying to resegregate schools by drawing attendance areas in ways that concentrate minorities in a few schools is pending.

The legal tangle centers on efforts by the county board to shift Seven Oaks students out of mostly white schools because a little more than half of the residents are nonwhite. School officials say the shift was planned to relieve school crowding.

Pub Date: 1/28/98

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