Clinton isn't the only one slanting phrasesTalk about...


January 28, 1998

Clinton isn't the only one slanting phrases

Talk about parsing a statement.

In addition to President Clinton's confusing terminology involving tense and sex, The Sun uses slanted phrasing whenever it gets the chance

In addition, the spin applied is quite obvious, even in supposedly factual accounts.

In the Jan. 26 article "Tripp presents mixed picture" about the woman who tape-recorded conversations with Monica Lewinsky, The Sun writes, "The portrait of Linda Rose Tripp is still a work in progress."

Other than having the negative connotation of an incomplete person, what does "work in progress" mean?

The Sun also mentions that "some neighbors and acquaintances have found her oddly unfriendly." What does "oddly" mean here, other than to make her seem different than normal?

The whole point is whether the president is lying, not whether Linda Tripp waves to her neighbors. If she can shed some light on the truth, she will have accomplished something no one else has.

R. D. Bush



With all these allegations against the president, how can he focus on doing the job he was voted into office to do?

Shouldn't we wait until the president is out of office, to save the reputation of the office of the president?

With all the distractions in the president's personal life, I am worried he will not give the matters that are important the attention they deserve.

Marge Griffith



I am puzzled as to what is really behind all these allegations and why they come to light now. Is it rivalry, envy or party against party?

Sexual harassment is wrong but there seems to be no victim here, except that which is created by politics and the media. There is a time and place for these matters to be reckoned with.

Our president was elected by the people, so let's respect him while he is in office.

Eva Miller



President Clinton and everyone else in the public eye could take a page from the Rev. Billy Graham.

He writes in his biography that he realized he was a normal male with emotions and attractions to the opposite sex. Early on, he resolved to avoid any situation that might lead to temptation or to misinterpretation of his actions. He had his associates agree to do the same thing, and they have been free of scandal.

Power is corrupting and we have no right to expect our leaders to be perfect. But we do need to hold them to a standard of behavior that is above reproach. They have a long way to fall, and we also lose with their fall.

Jean Hammond



It's said that the president doesn't even go to the bathroom without his Secret Service protectors, so it seems they should be the ones to be questioned.

Where, pray tell, did he and Monica Lewinsky go for these romantic liaisons without the Secret Service right there?

I don't want to think our president did all this, but if he did, he is too stupid to be head of the country.

Alice Anderson

Towson After all of the criticism directed at the new dynamometer emissions test, my wife and I -- separately, at different times and with different cars -- went to the Erdman Avenue testing station before 10 a.m.

The waits were less than 10 minutes. The testing was done quickly and efficiently by polite workers who seemed to know their jobs well.

While the testing was in progress, the car owner was encouraged to watch the process through a number of large windows, while still another attend- ant explained what was being done.

Rarely have I experienced any state facility operated as courteously and efficiently as this one.

While the community should have no more legitimate concerns about this valuable and necessary emissions-control requirement, I still am concerned that the $12 fee will be a burden for many low-income car owners.

Perhaps the state can afford to share the cost of this requirement for those who can prove low-income status.

Dr. Robert E. Martin


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