January 25, 1998|By Mike Preston

Packers' Sprint Pass

The formation: Split backfield, pro left, because tight end Mark Chmura (89) is lined up on the left side.

The action: On the snap of the ball, the offensive linemen and Chmura lock into their pass-protection sets. Wide receiver Robert Brooks (87), split wide right, runs a 10-yard comeback rout while Antonio Freeman (86), who is slot right, runs a short out pattern to the spot where Brooks has vacated, and halfback Dorsey Levens (25) runs a trailer route off Freeman. Quarterback Brett Favre (4) rolls to the right and has three options to pass, or can tuck the ball and run. The play puts a lot of pressure on the perimeter defensive players.

Broncos' 28 Toss

The formation: Pro right, because tight end Shannon Sharpe (84) is on the right side.

The action: On the snap of the ball, wide receiver Ed McCaffrey (87), on the right, seals the cornerback, Sharpe blocks down and right guard Brian Habib and right tackle Tony Jones pull right, with Jones sealing on the inside linebacker and Habib leading the play. Center Tom Nalen and left guard Mark Schlereth block straight ahead, with Schlereth double-teaming with left tackle Gary Zimmerman. Once the defensive tackle is moved, Schlereth seals on the inside linebacker, who probably has stepped to his right because fullback Howard Griffith (29) has gone in motion to his left. Quarterback John Elway (7) then pitches to running back Terrell Davis (30) around right end.

Pub Date: 1/25/98

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