House committee should OK bill on sexual predatorsThe...


January 25, 1998

House committee should OK bill on sexual predators

The Maryland House Judiciary Committee held public hearings Tuesday on Del. Sue Hecht's proposed Sexually Violent Predator Act of 1998. It will vote to kill the bill or pass it out of committee. House Bill 26 deserves to be passed.

This bill would create a mechanism that would require mandatory inpatient psychiatric treatment for the most dangerous, paroled child rapists, molesters and killers.

Is there a need for such legislation? Absolutely. Twenty-five states have or are considering such legislation. This bill is modeled after the Kansas statute, which was upheld by the Supreme Court in June.

Does Maryland need such legislation? Yes.

You might not have heard about Warren C. "Ice" Berry. A Maryland man, he didn't tell the boys with whom he played neighborhood basketball that he had recently been released from prison, or why he had been incarcerated. He didn't need to after he molested a 13-year-old and raped and killed an 11-year-old whom he had befriended in Baltimore.

I encourage the House Judici- ary Committee to pass this bill out of committee.

M. Alexander Jones


Council's hourly wage doesn't compute

In what I assumed was the State of the County address to the Chamber of Commerce by county commissioners Jan. 8, Councilman Richard T. Yates made two questionable statements.

He said the people of South Carroll are the ones who want charter government. If he will take the time to check the petitions, he will find that at least half of the voters who signed live in the northern part of the county.

Mr. Yates also said he had calculated a per-hour salary based on the time he and his fellow commissioners work each week and came up with a figure of 86 cents per hour.

According to my calculations, if they make $32,000 per year that comes to $87.67 per day, or $3.65 per hour, if they work 365 days a year.

At 86 cents per hour, they would have to work 37,209 hours a year or 101,943 hours per day.

We know these numbers are impossible, but if this is an indication of the thought put into running the county, we are in more trouble than I thought.

Nimrod Davis


Pub Date: 1/25/98

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