25 years ago: The Mad Polluter and assorted bums, hippies...


January 25, 1998|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago: The Mad Polluter and assorted bums, hippies and litterbugs were decisively defeated Friday at the Taneytown Middle School. In three plays presented by the seventh and eighth grade science class, the forces of cleanliness won for ecology by literally putting the litterbugs in their place. -- Carroll Record, Jan. 25, 1973.

50 years ago: About 200 citizens interested in the organization of a fire department for New Windsor and community gathered in the Carlton Theater Tuesday evening. A state insurance representative spoke before the gathering and announced that the insurance rate would increase from 22 cents to 35 cents on $100 if the fire department was not organized for that town. When asked for members to support a fire department for the city, about 65 put their names on the dotted line as members. An election of officers will be held Tuesday. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 23, 1948.

100 years ago: The hotel question is again being discussed among the people of our village. There was a new applicant around for signers, but we cannot say at present whether he will succeed in procuring them or not. There have been no hotels in this place since last May, and since that time everything has moved along quietly and all appears to be as happy and hearty as before the hotels were closed. But it seems that some of those who do feel happy and hearty since the hotels were closed are still not contented. It is rumored that some of them who fought hard to have the hotels closed last spring are now giving their consent to have them opened again. -- American Sentinel, Jan. 29, 1898.

Pub Date: 1/25/98

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