Modell: TV money may help freeze Ravens ticket prices

January 23, 1998|By Vito Stellino

SAN DIEGO -- The gusher of television money the NFL teams will get in coming years may be good news for Ravens' permanent seat license buyers. Owner Art Modell, who had already promised to freeze ticket prices for the first three years in the new football stadium at Camden Yards, said the freeze now may extend for a longer period.

"Now we're going to consider possibly extending that freeze as we see how things develop with our salary problems. We're going to review that," he said.

Although Modell noted the players will get 62 percent of the $17.6 billion deal, he said the owners will have to deal with the perception that they have an unlimited amount of money. "It's a big, big contract. Now the idea is to use our resources wisely," he said.

Modell said the new deal will make it tougher to get public funding for new cities.

"Politicians will now say you've got enough money to build your own stadiums. I think it'll be a long time before you see a publicly subsidized stadium again, even though most of the money goes to the players. I wish I would say it's not so, but that's the case. There'll be a blip here and a blip there, but on average, it'll all go to the players," he said.

Pub Date: 1/23/98

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