Its name is Meanie and oh, what a doll

January 19, 1998|By Knight Ridder News Service

If you've had it with sweet, poem-carrying Beanie Babies, prepare yourself for the next-worst thing: gaseous, snot-dripping, vomiting little misfits called Meanies.

The same size and shape as Beanies, Meanies have been in stores since last fall, but caught on during the holiday shopping season. Aimed at young boys who "like bathroom humor," says their creator, Allen LeWinter, they are already a hit among adults, too, following the same toy-as-collectible route as their sweeter predecessors.

Among the dozen $6 Meanies in stores so far:

Peter Gotta Peagull, a distressed bird in need of a restroom; Hurley the Pukin' Toucan, who has a bad case of the flu; Boris the Mucousarus, whose nose is, um, running.

There's also Otis the Octapunk and a two-headed dog called Fi & Do the Dalmutation.

But the top-selling Meanie is Splat the Roadkill Kat, a luckless orange feline with tire tracks imprinted on its back.

Twelve more Meanies will be introduced in April; some parodying celebrities.

In the meantime, those who collect all 12 current toys can send in proof of purchase and receive a 13th Mystery Meanie. Clues about the mystery toy can be found on the Meanies Web site at http: //

Pub Date: 1/19/98

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