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January 18, 1998

No games this year

The Orioles' continuing practice under owner Peter Angelos -- spending whatever it takes to win, making huge profits, then raising ticket prices for three years in a row -- is like the federal government spending without questions, posting a huge budget surplus, then still raising taxes.

The sad part is that most fans will complain for a while, then go back to Camden Yards, where the average ticket price is $18.

The reality is, Angelos would not re-sign the best and only credible closer available, Randy Myers. Arthur Rhodes and Armando Benitez are not the answer.

My response is I will not go to Oriole Park in 1998. It is not about whether I can afford it. It is the only way to respond to a team with a huge payroll and does not ensure 1998 will be better than 1997.

I'll be watching at home on TV, but as a more passive fan. You really ruined it for me, Peter, thank you very much.

Joe Larkin

Glen Burnie

Enough big money

I have had enough of the multimillion-dollar contracts, increases in ticket prices, all of this for playing a game. OK, I'm an idiot, but I would suggest that an offer be made to pay $100,000, no, $250,000 per year, to those talented and sincere lovers of the game. Those who love to smell the new-cut grass and feel the bat smack the dirt from their cleats.

It is a sad day for all that the game is no longer a game. As for myself and my family, we'll see you in Frederick. Cal Ripken, you can keep your big house.

Stephan B. Brooks


Angelos and Modell

How the press loves to hate Peter Angelos -- the Orioles owner makes the tough calls, demands a winner, puts his actions where his mouth is. Mr. Nice Guy, Ravens owner Art Modell, works hard at doing as little as possible, only talks about winning, and thrives on a status quo organization loaded with yes men. Amazingly, the press has only recently begun to notice that Vinny Testaverde is not the quarterback of the future for the Ravens. They are even beginning to question Ted Marchibroda's leadership, if ever so slightly.

Modell needs to get committed to winning through bold actions rather than running a team like a cash register. Marchibroda is still as far from being a top coach as he was on his first go-round here years ago. Vinny well, we all know that story. He is far past his peak without ever having reached it.

When you find yourself criticizing Angelos' latest bold move, or his titanic ego, be careful -- you could get your wish. Modell could run the Orioles, too.

Thomas J. Brindisi


HTS makes wrong calls

Last year, Home Team Sports brought in Michael Reghi to do play-by-play for the Orioles. He came from Cleveland, where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is. Reghi must have taken many tours of the place because he sounds more like a 1970s disc jockey counting them down than he does a baseball play-by-play man.

If that weren't bad enough, Rick Cerone -- a former Yankee -- is a leading candidate to be the next analyst. A Yankee doing Orioles TV broadcasts? What next?

Jeff Volmer

Ellicott City

Get with it, Howard

Note to the Wizards' Juwan Howard: For your $100 million contract, maybe it would be a good idea if you started contributing in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. Maybe it's also high time you stopped dribbling on fast breaks and made that high-percentage lob pass to your buddy, Chris Webber.

You commit more turnovers than the average NBA point guard. That 20-point average is deceiving considering that you're shooting about 20 percent in the fourth quarter. Maybe that's why your team hovers around .500 every year.

Morty Marcus


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Pub Date: 1/18/98

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