Road warriors: Chances are, a business traveler is happier...

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January 18, 1998

Road warriors: Chances are, a business traveler is happier about being on the road than his or her spouse is about being home alone with the kids.

Homewood Suites had a survey taken of more than 500 people who stayed at its hotels, and found 59 percent believe they travel the right amount for their business.

Thirty-six percent said they travel too much and 5 percent said they travel too little.

But 53 percent said their spouses or significant others believe they're traveling too much.

Sibling rank: The eldest child in a family was twice as likely as younger siblings to become a chief executive, president or vice president of a company, according to a survey of nearly 700 executives by Aubin International, an executive recruitment firm, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher Frank Sulloway.

But the first born also tend to be more conservative than younger siblings, who the researchers found are more likely to support radical change in a company than those executives who were the eldest children.

Pub Date: 1/18/98

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