Local Northrop division gains Army radar work


January 15, 1998

Northrop Grumman's Electronic Sensors and Systems Division in Linthicum has won a $565 million contract to help build Longbow radars for the Army's Apache helicopter, the company said yesterday.

The Army awarded the five-year contract to Longbow Limited Liability Co., a joint venture of Northrop Grumman Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. The partnership, based in Florida, builds the radar system and Hellfire missile for Apache helicopters.

The contract is for 207 fire control radar systems, which help helicopter pilots pick out ground targets, identify them and put them in a firing sequence.

ESSD builds half the radar hardware in Linthicum, including the transmitter, antenna and a low-power radio frequency unit.

The new contract is the Army's biggest order yet for the system; the joint venture delivered the first 20 production units over the last two years.

The local Northrop Grumman division also builds part of the guidance system for the Hellfire missiles and assembles them at facility in Alabama. The Army has ordered 1,400 missiles.

Pub Date: 1/15/98

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