Whitbread update

January 12, 1998

Status: After Leg 4


Boat .. .. .. .. .. .. Total points

1. EF Language . .. .. 372

2. Merit Cup ... .. .. 333

3. Swedish Match .. .. 313

4. Innovation Kvaerner 307

5. Toshiba .. .. .. .. 299

6. Chessie Racing . .. 294

7. Silk Cut . .. .. .. 258

EF Education ... .. 100

9. BrunelSunergy .. ... 96

Boat beat: A protest lodged by Toshiba and skippers Dennis Conner and Paul Standbridge against EF Language over the fourth leg of the Whitbrea Round the World Race will be heard tomorrow. The protest -- the first since the yachts left Southampton, England, in the fall -- will be considered by an international jury meeting at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Toshiba, which finished second to Merit Cup and New Zealand skipper Grant Dalton in the leg, claims it was put at a disadvantage because EF Language did not display navigation lights on the night of Jan. 8. "It was a critical time of close tactical racing with Chessie Racing, Merit Cup, EF Language and Toshiba," the American yacht said in its protest letter. "Toshiba was at a disadvantage by not being able to keep visual contact with our close competition." The Swedish yacht EF Language and skipper Paul Cayard finished behind second-place Toshiba in the leg, but kept the overall points lead through four of the nine legs.

Note: Information compiled from the Whitbread Round the World Race Web site at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 1/12/98

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