Cutting down the coverBROOKLYN PARK gardening aficionado...


January 11, 1998|By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan Honestly, did you see it?

Cutting down the cover

BROOKLYN PARK gardening aficionado Gertrude Rhoades loved the pair of huge pine trees that she'd planted 40 years ago in front of her home on Ninth Avenue.

But in recent months, she began finding traces of strange activity under the trees, which had become so wide they were growing over parts of the sidewalk.

Some mornings at the base of the trees, she would find newspapers, cigarettes and bras. Bras?

"The trees were so big I couldn't see what was going on around there at night," she said.

So, as much as she loved the pines, she had them cut down two weeks ago.

She hasn't found another bra on her front lawn since then.

A HOT pink sign outside the 7-Eleven on the corner of Furnace Branch and Point Pleasant roads in Glen Burnie: "Did you see the rear-end collision here the evening before Thanksgiving? Honest Guy Getting the Shaft. Help! Call if you saw anything! Bob (410) 761-6008."

Rosemary Armao

A solution at last! sort of

TO GET to the city of Annapolis' home page on the Internet, you have to find the key for a symbol that looks like squiggly S lying on its side.

This newspaper was stumped recently when it tried to print the )) city's Internet address in a story about Mayor Dean L. Johnson's transition team report that promised a more responsive government and better life for Annapolitans.

Run to City Hall, your nearest library or coffee shop and get a copy of the report, city officials said. Better yet, find a copy of it on the Internet, officials said proudly.

City spokesman Thomas W. Roskelly, who set up the city home page, was slightly miffed that the newspaper's word-processing equipment was How to put this? -- too "antiquated" to enlighten our readers.

He said there was no address to access the city home page that didn't have the funny symbol.

"Don't you have the traditional keyboard?" Roskelly asked, amazed.

Well, no. But where there's a will, there's a way.

OK, so the address please? It's -- don't write tilde, that's just what the little symbol is called. Find it on a key to the left of the numeral 1.

Dan Thanh Dang

Pub Date: 1/11/98

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