Official accused of beating daughter Protective order is issued against Charter Board chief

January 07, 1998|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,SUN STAFF

Carmen Amedori, chairwoman of the Carroll County Charter Board and wife of the county's state's attorney, is accused of slapping, beating and threatening to shoot her 17-year-old daughter last week.

Carroll County Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold issued a temporary protective order Friday, granting custody of the daughter, who will be 18 Feb. 23, to her father, Robert DePaola of Fairfield, Pa.

State's Attorney Jerry F. Barnes is Amedori's husband and the teen-ager's stepfather.

DePaola filed the complaint against Amedori on behalf of their oldest daughter, Nicole, who had lived with her mother since her parents divorced.

In seeking court protection, DePaola alleged in court documents that Amedori slapped and pushed the girl at a movie theater at Cranberry Mall Dec. 29.

DePaola also alleged that from Dec. 29 to Dec. 31, his daughter was "hit many times by [Amedori] with a belt inside [Amedori's Westminster] home."

Amedori referred questions to E. David Silverberg, a Towson attorney who has represented her in previous child support disputes with DePaola.

Silverberg was unavailable yesterday and did not return calls.

A protective-order hearing, which determines whether temporary orders are to be made permanent for up to a year, will be held tomorrow in Circuit Court.

Barnes said yesterday that he was not aware of the emergency hearing involving his wife until a deputy called Friday to ask whether Amedori would voluntarily accept a summons to appear in court.

"Had we known of the hearing, we would have been there to offer testimony and present witnesses," Barnes said.

"The incident was, no more and no less, a case of an almost-18-year-old rebelling against parental supervision and discipline."

Tomorrow's hearing should be moot, he said, because Amedori already had allowed her daughter to live with DePaola.

"We viewed it as a period of cooling off and expected we would soon sit down [with DePaola] and resolve matters," Barnes said. "[The daughter] was already living with her father -- with our consent -- for four days before he filed" for the temporary protective order.

vTC Barnes said the main concern for him and his wife has been that the teen-ager complete her education at Maryvale Preparatory School for Girls, a private high school in Brooklandville, and attend college.

Barnes said his stepdaughter had gone to the movies with friends on Dec. 29 and that his wife went to pick her up because it was snowing.

Barnes said his wife went inside the theater and saw the girl with an older man who "we believe will waltz her into a potentially destructive situation as far as completing her education."

In court papers, DePaola said Amedori told their daughter that Amedori "had to be restrained by her husband from taking a gun into the movie theater and shooting" her daughter.

Barnes called the allegation ridiculous, saying that "no one at any time was ever in danger from any firearm."

DePaola said there were at least three guns belong to Barnes in the house.

DePaola also alleged that on Dec. 31, he saw Amedori on top of the girl, "slapping and wrestling. I called 911 from [Amedori's] home but hung up before anyone answered to check on Nicole. As Nicole and I were leaving, [Amedori] proceeded to slap Nicole one more time."

Reached by telephone yesterday, DePaola declined to comment, saying it is a "family matter, and I want to keep it as private as can be."

Pub Date: 1/07/98

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