Larry Barron of Hagerstown wins 1997 Dow-forecast contest

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January 07, 1998|By Julius Westheimer

ON DEC. 31, when the Dow Jones average closed at 7,908.25, Larry Barron of Hagerstown became our contest winner with his forecast of 7,910, made last January when the Dow was around 6,760.

The winner and his wife will be dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ticker at the Red Horse Inn, Hagerstown, the Barrons' favorite restaurant.

Mr. Barron, a machine operator for 33 years at Mack Truck Inc., Hagerstown, says he picked the winning number "by just guessing at it" and added, "My forecast for 1998 year-end will be 9,000, at least."

Two of the 2,200 contestants tied for runner-up at DJ 7,911. They are Nicky Benokraitis, Glen Arm, and Mike Martin, Catonsville.

Benokraitis, a sociology and criminality teacher at the University of Baltimore, said, "My husband picked Dow Jones 6,911 but I added 1,000 points to that."

They will be our luncheon guests at Peerce's Plantation, Benokraitis' favorite eatery.

Martin, also a runner-up, is a real estate agent with Long & Foster, Catonsville. "I've always loved the stock market," he said, adding, "My Dow Jones 7,911 forecast was just a guess, but last January I felt stocks would go higher -- and still do. I see 8,800 this year-end."

The Martins' restaurant choice is the Candlelight Inn, Catonsville.

Each of these next 10 closest, listed in order, will receive a hardback book about money and investments:

Daphne Soroka, 7,904; Stephen Oliner, 7,912; Ewald Buritsch, 7,916; Leora Edrington, 7,918; Helene Brown, 7,898; Helen Waskey, 7,920; Randy Sonderman, 7,920; Craig Prem, 7,920; John Thalberg Jr., 7,921 and Claudia Riccardi, 7,895.

We will open our 1998 contest within the next two weeks.

LOOKING AHEAD: "Expert" 1998 year-end predictions from this week's Barron's:

Charles Clough, Merrill Lynch, 8,000.

Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs, 8,700.

Elizabeth Mackay, Bear Stearns, 8,350.

Marshall Acuff, Salomon Smith Barney, 8,000.

Jeffrey Applegate, Lehman Bros., 9,000.

Douglas Cliggott, J. P. Morgan, 8,800.

"As January goes, so goes the entire year -- in 42 of the last 47 years, an amazing 89 percent batting average." (1998 Stock Trader's Almanac)

Pub Date: 1/07/98

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