The Gummi Baer mystiqueNow that we've had time to...

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January 04, 1998|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Sun Fashion Editor

The Gummi Baer mystique

Now that we've had time to recuperate from perfume overload and spritzing attacks in holiday shopping venues, it's time for new sniffs. On the market for the kids or the inner child in you are Gummi Baer Fragrances. Like their chewy namesakes, the fruity scents are bottled in translucent bear shapes in yummy colors. Mama and Papa Baer 2.6-ounce eau de toilette sells for $35. Baby Baer scents start at $20. The line is sold at Nordstrom.

Designer Richard Tyler's name may not be a mall staple, but it commands respect from fashion insiders and women of high discernment and deep pockets. In the just-released book, "Visionaire's Fashion 2000: Designers at the Turn of the Millennium," Tyler is listed in the galaxy of innovators who will lead fashion into the next century.

"The underbelly of its collar is a work of art, the buttonholes are so perfectly aligned and meticulously finished they could make you weep ... it is one hell of a jacket and Richard Tyler owns it." That's how the editors of Visionaire, fashion's prestigious and cutting-edge magazine, describe Tyler's tailoring. Star-quality suits made his reputation, but he has now expanded his couture collection to include soft dressing and evening wear.

This Tuesday from 10 to 5, a trunk show of Tyler's spring collection will be brought to Ruth Shaw in the Village of Cross Keys. It's an opportunity to see design at its best and to understand just what separates couture quality from mere clothing. Call 410-532-7886 for more information.

With New Year's resolutions about dieting flying around fast and furious, it's reassuring to talk to a young person with a healthy attitude about body image. Model Shannon Marie, who is featured in this month's Seventeen magazine layout on larger-size fashion, says it's time the industry took positive steps to discourage starvation style.

The five-foot-eight Loch Raven High School grad is a realistic size 10, but, in the unrealistic modeling world, that puts her in the plus-size category.

"I hear 12-year-olds saying they need to diet, and they're beautiful girls," she says. "It's time fashion starts pushing the idea of being fit and eating healthy instead of a skinny size 4."

At 19, Shannon makes a living at modeling despite her "larger" figure. She has appeared in Glamour and YM magazines, and her perfect complexion put her in ad campaigns for Naturistics cosmetics and Buff Puff.

"I'm also a size 10 fit model for manufacturers who make clothes for real women," she says. She keeps busy commuting from her Carney home to assignments in New York and Florida.

Her mother agency is Wilhelmina and New York, and she is represented here by Nova Models.

"A lot of people suggested I try modeling and I decided to pursue it. I checked agencies out with the Better Business Bureau. There are a lot of scams in the industry, but I was lucky to find the right agency who believed in me and pushed me."

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