Roeding re-elected president of Greater Pasadena Council

January 02, 1998

Carolyn Roeding, a local civic leader, has been elected to a second term as president of the Greater Pasadena Council.

Since January 1997, the council has been soliciting donations from community associations and local businesses to purchase a portable radar speed-display board for Eastern District police.

The board -- which displays publicly how fast a motorist is going and can be seen 600 feet away -- encourages compliance with speed limits and helps community relations, police say.

The council has collected $1,205 of the $1,900 needed to purchase the speed display board.

Also last year, Roeding, on behalf of the council, was on the Advisory Committee for Hancock's Resolution. In June, she was chosen to serve three years on the board of Friends of Hancock's Resolution to help push for restoration and preservation of the historic site.

In late June, the county completed emergency repairs at Hancock's Resolution, where shingles were missing and the roof had holes. In July, the site received $50,000 from the county for a basic assessment of the buildings, archaeological survey and historic landscape survey.

The Greater Pasadena Council is an umbrella organization of 40 community associations in the Pasadena area. The organization supports member associations with their civic problems, serves as a liaison between member associations and governmental agencies to provide greater citizen participation in civic affairs, and helps improve community planning and governmental operations.

Pub Date: 1/02/98

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