Donations plunge, dismay Armiger volunteer firemen

January 02, 1998|By Laura Sullivan | Laura Sullivan,SUN STAFF

At this annual time of giving, the Armiger Volunteer Fire Department in Pasadena is wondering why so few gave.

Engine Company 30 on Mountain Road brought in $40,000 less than usual during its fall fund drive, perplexing its members and Anne Arundel County officials.

In years past, the mailing has brought in almost $50,000. This year, $11,253 came in.

One resident wrote, "I make my donation when I pay my county taxes." County money does not pay for volunteer squads.

Without donations, fire officials have no idea how they will pay the $31,132 annual engine payment that was due last month.

"We're not out here buying TVs and stereos," said Chief William Rogers. "All the money we make goes to buying and paying for equipment that we put on the street."

With the economy healthy and the 47 volunteers unable to remember any major conflicts or gaffes that might have hurt their image, they are wondering why donations fell off so much.

"It's really discouraging," said company President John Long. "It's like, why are we out here every day, every week wasting our time trying to help the community volunteering and you ask people for a little help and they ignore you."

Pub Date: 1/02/98

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