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January 01, 1998|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Danita Minor doesn't have any fashion heroines. "I like to create my own style, something that makes me look different," she says. She sets her own standards, to the point of owning several pairs of leopard-print tights to match perfectly with the leopard-print collar or scarf of the day. She will drive to the ends of the earth to find the "correct pair of tights to match something."

Minor, an outpatient coordinator at the Gundry Glass Hospital, is deeply into animal prints and even went so far as to sketch a leopard-print shift she saw on a mannequin at Tyson's Corner and have a friend replicate it for a party she tossed. An avowed shop-aholic, Minor hasn't made a New Year's resolution about avoiding the malls in 1998, but at least she's thinking about it -- as is her fiance.

How do you assemble your own style at work?

I may wear a black suit, because it's business. It may be a miniskirt, but it's a suit and I may wear an animal print blouse and animal print stockings to match so it looks like a whole body suit.

When you're pushing the fashion edge at work, how do you know you haven't gone too far?

If I look in the mirror and I'm comfortable with the way I look, I'll wear it. I don't need someone else's opinion. I wouldn't say I'm conservative at all, but I stay within the limits. I like to dress sexy, but not too much, with form-fitting clothing and a slightly low neckline.

Describe how obsessive you are about looking just right.

Sometimes I'll put on an outfit and if I get to the front door and my black suit is not the same color as my black stockings, I'll come in the house and change my stockings.

What does your son say when you get dressed up?

"You look really nice, Mom. You look 'da bomb!' "

Is he into clothes too?

He's real particular about what he wears, since he was about 6. He likes to dress up when we go to the mall. It rubs off. He has pretty good taste.

Does it distress you to see a glut of animal prints in the stores now?

If I go to the mall and see it on something that doesn't look right, I'll get really upset. They've gone crazy with leopard. They put it on anything, but you can't wear it with anything. I may see a cheap blouse and they'll put leopard on it to dress it up to make it look a little better, but it makes the leopard look bad. Leopard is not meant for everything.

What are your New Year's plans?

A red dress, down to my ankles, that's real form fitting.

Where do you shop?

Gantos at Owings Mills, Nordstrom, and I like Express and a lot of the stores owned by Korean families along Greenmount Avenue. And I like Delana Fashions at Mondawmin Mall.

Are you equally obsessed with shoes?

My grandmother says, "Nita, I don't understand why you buy all these shoes. You can't wear them all at the same time." I have shoe racks in my bedroom, like they have at Caldor. The shoes are coordinated by color.

Did you ever think about turning your love of shopping into a job?

It would be fun to own a little business on the side to shop for people. A lot of people don't like to shop, and I can help them around the holidays at a pretty good rate.

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Pub Date: 1/01/98


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