Public needs to comment on plan draftI would like to bring...


December 28, 1997

Public needs to comment on plan draft

I would like to bring you up to date on the proposed comprehensive plan draft. After a public hearing was held, it was my impression that the comments received from the citizens would be evaluated and corrections would occur to the document before it was forwarded to Planning and Zoning.

Unfortunately, a member of the city staff felt that "the insignificant number of people who spoke at the public hearing was not an adequate number of people to make any major changes to the proposed draft."

At least two members of the Citizens Advisory Committee feel that the comments received at the public hearing need to be addressed. Also, the concerned citizens who came forward and presented their concerns should feel confident that city staff will heed their recommendations.

I spoke with Mayor Kenneth Yowan. He echoed the same point of view as the city staff. He feels that the city needs mass transit and more multiple family housing units. He also stated "that you could not receive comments from a dozen people and apply them to an entire city." He mentioned that if people were truly concerned they would attend the planning and zoning meeting and City Council meeting when the plan will again go through the hearing process.

I hope that members of the Planning and Zoning Commission will re-evaluate the comments received and act responsibly when this document is under its control. Planning and Zoning is accepting correspondence until 4 p.m. Jan. 8, 1998.

The citizens need to attend both of the above-mentioned meetings to show the respective committees that concerned citizens expect results from city staff and elected officials. Please contact City Hall at 410-848-9000 to find out when these meetings will take place and keep an eye open for the public hearings notice published in the local papers.

Richard A. Geelhaar


The writer is a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Westminster comprehensive plan.

Yates, Dell acting like king and jester

Last night, I fell asleep in my favorite recliner and dreamed that King George III was still in power and the despot's heel was still on the shore. When I awoke, I realized that it was not a dream because we now have King Richard and his Court Jester, Donald, trying to rule the county.

Since we became a nation we now have a constitution and bylaws and amendments to the same, the first of which reads "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech."

Under the Fifth Amendment, due process of law says a person shall have the right to cross examine witnesses or, as we say, face his accusers.

Neither of these amendments was taken into consideration when the king and his jester held a closed meeting "by invitation only" to discuss the accusations made by the Court Puppeteer, Ed Primoff, that Grant Dannelly had made some off-color remarks at a Sacred Places meeting.

There were approximately 75 people at the meeting where this allegedly took place. I was one of them. If only about 17 were called to testify before the king and his jester "in a private room," what happened to the rest of the 75? Do you think they only called landowners friendly with Mr. Primoff?

Any person with a modicum of intelligence can see that this is just a ruse to get Mr. Dannelly removed from the Carroll County Planning Commission because he abides by the adequate facility laws when he votes. In fact, at this writing, commissioners Richard Yates and Donald Dell have already written a letter asking for his resignation.

Do you wonder whether Mr. Yates has turned from slow growth to pro growth? In reality, this is another notch in our belt for charter government.

Nimrod Davis


Pub Date: 12/28/97

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