Pasadena family welcomes second Christmas Day baby Births: Six of the Rogers family's seven children celebrate birthdays on or near a holiday.

December 26, 1997|By Brenda J. Buote | Brenda J. Buote,SUN STAFF

For the Rogers family of Pasadena, the holidays -- and Christmas in particular -- are a time to celebrate the miracle of life.

Yesterday delivered another chance for such a celebration.

Benjamin Elijah Rogers was born just after 2 a.m. -- the second child in the Rogers clan to be born on Christmas Day and the sixth to be born on or near a holiday.

By yesterday afternoon, proud parents Anna and Ronald Rogers were relaxing in their Anne Arundel County home with their seven children -- Benjamin included -- quietly celebrating the holiday and the birth of their third son.

Their third daughter, Cecelia, was born on Christmas Day eight years ago.

"We love celebrating her birthday along with the birth of Jesus," said Ronald, 35. "This year we've been blessed again."

On their way home from the Baltimore Birth Center in Park Heights, where 7-pound, 8-ounce Benjamin was born, the Rogerses brought the newest member of their family to his grandmother's house for a quick visit.

"My mother peeked in the car window to get a glimpse of him," said Anna, 32, who returned home with her bundle of joy four hours after giving birth.

"She wasn't too surprised that he came on Christmas," Anna said. "She had a feeling he'd be born on the holiday."

That feeling was fueled more by the family's history of holiday births than a mother's intuition.

The Rogerses' eldest child, 14-year-old Megan, was born the day before Easter. Another girl, Sarah, 11, was born July 5, and their son Luke was born on Rosh Hashana four years ago. Their sixth child was born May 1 -- the day of the feast of St. Joseph, for whom the 19-month-old boy is named.

The only child to miss a holiday season, Rebekah, 5, was born the same day as a family friend.

Coincidence? The Rogerses don't think so.

"I guess it's a trait that runs in the family," said Anna. "My sister and brother were born on the same day, 13 years apart."

Pub Date: 12/26/97

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