Good enough to pass off as homemade

Rush-Hour Remedies

December 24, 1997|By Maria Hiaasen

Item: Ms. Desserts frozen quiche

Servings per package: 8

Cost: $15

Preparation time: 1 hour

Review: A friend of a friend has actually served these to guests and passed them off as homemade. Credit the thick crust (a tad sweet), the ample size and the hearty filling. I sampled the quiche Lorraine and appreciated the pleasant blend of black pepper and nutmeg with the cheese and plentiful slivers of ham. Other flavors include spinach, broccoli Cheddar, and an Italian blend made with zucchini and tomatoes. Note: Ms. Desserts recommends that her quiches be thawed before they are reheated in a 300-degree oven. In a hurry, I heated individual slices in the microwave for about two minutes, with fine results.

Pub Date: 12/24/97

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