School secretary will use language skills in new job next year


December 23, 1997|By Natalie Harvey | Natalie Harvey,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of east Columbia -- with a special wish for a well-deserved holiday for all the young people who accomplish so much at school and in their communities.

A reminder: Howard county public schools will close tomorrow and reopen Jan 5.

The New Year will bring changes.

Stevens Forest Elementary Principal Bill Payne has announced that his secretary, Lauren Rupsis, will be leaving one school -- Stevens Forest -- to assume similar administrative responsibilities for Albert Couthen, assistant principal of the elementary division at the Maryland School for the Deaf, on Route 108 and Old Montgomery Road.

She has been studying American Sign Language in the Interpreter Training Program at Catonsville Community College for four years and will continue working for her degree.

Lauren said, "Sign language is a 'foreign language,' and, like any other language, using it is necessary to improve my skills for helping others."

Lauren held positions in the purchasing and psychiatric divisions at the Howard County Board of Education for four years before joining the Stevens Forest staff.

Parents and students alike will miss her pleasant smile, helpfulness and know-how.

Seasonal housekeeping

The finale of the year could bring cold weather, snow and ice. It's time to think about what to do with the boats, trailers, campers and recreational vehicles of summer.

Storage on residential property is not allowed so the Columbia Association has made other arrangements.

Kay Plaskowtitz reports that some space is still available at the RV Storage Park, which is convenient to Routes 175 and 32, and Interstate 95.

There are 200 spaces, and even containers, for short-term storage.

Columbia lien payers have first priority on rentals.

For full details, please call 410-312-6330.

Safe holidays

Flame-proofing your tree before it is decorated can prevent fire and damage. Here's the ingredients for a helpful solution.

To 2 gals. of water, add 16 oz. of white Karo syrup, 4 oz. of household bleach, 2 oz. of Woolite, 1/2 tsp. 20 Mule Team Borax and 2 pinches of epsom salts.

Make sure there's a fresh cut at the end of the tree trunk, and stand the tree in the solution two days before trimming.

Keep the remaining solution to add as needed.

And remember to recycle your Christmas tree.

It may be placed outside on your scheduled recycling day. Or, in our neighborhood, the trees may be dropped off at Grandfather's Garden Center, 5320 Phelps Luck Drive in Long Reach, from 7: 30 a.m. to 5 p.m. between Jan. 2 and 22.

Please remove all decorations and do not wrap the tree in a plastic bag.

The tree is recyclable, but its adornments are not.

When recycling gift wrappings, do not include bows, ribbons and plastic.

For information, call 410-313-SORT.

Snow ahead

Need help getting snow off the roads you drive?

If it is a Howard County road, call 410-313-2330.

If the road is a state or Interstate highway, maintained by the Maryland Department of Transportation, call: 410-531-5533.

With winter weather ahead, you may want to keep these numbers posted near a telephone.

Keep in mind also that during -- or after -- severe weather, village community centers may vary as to closings.

Classes are subject to the decision of their teachers.

If you have a class or a meeting scheduled at your village's community center, you may want to call the village center before trekking through the snow and ice.

Star performer

Theresa Shaw, children's librarian at the East Columbia library was honored by her peers at the Howard County library as one of eight 1997 Star Performers.

A staff member at each library was selected for "demonstrating superior qualities in all aspects of job performance."

Shaw's attractive and interesting decorations for the library's Summer Reading Program were mentioned as one example of her many creative projects.

High-tech homework help

The East Columbia library has a Teen Tech Station designed for middle and high school students.

There are CD-ROM products to help with many homework tasks.

Looking for records? Try Guiness Multimedia Disc.

Or, for geography, try Cartopedia.

And just for fun, study "The Way Things Work."

Students are required to sign up at the information desk and show a library card or photo ID to use the equipment for an hour.

Information: 410-313-7700.

Good times ahead

The cycle group at John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Community is planning good times for 1998.

Youth Ministry coordinator Tony Tamberino says the Howard County Youth Ministry is sponsoring a trip for seventh- and eighth-graders to Blue Knob Ski Resort in Pennsylvania on Jan. 18.

The event -- which is open to community members -- is organized by the nonprofit church group, Teen Winter Sports.

Lessons for first-time skiers are offered (and required for anyone who has not skied before), and free refresher courses are available for other skiers.

On the weekend of Jan. 23, a ski trip is scheduled for high school students to Seven Springs Ski Resort.

Call 410-964-1440 for full details.

Successful night out

Parents Night Out at Stevens Forest Elementary proved to be a positive community effort, with the help of two student volunteers from other schools.

Oakland Mills High School's Peter Too and John Nguyen were joined by Oakland Mills Middle School's Timothy Bovill, Sharon Berlin, Adian O'Donohue, Heather Cleveland, Kim Frederick, Jemime White, Joe Nguyen and Karan Chopra to help make the evening a wonderful success.

Parents Betsy McGrath, David Vann, Cassie Rademacher and Christine Fettweis generously contributed their time to help care for 55 children.

Pizza Hut, Blockbuster Video, General Cinema and Palace Theaters donated gift certificates to thank the volunteers.

Pub Date: 12/23/97

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