Books of the region: Completing the outpouring of 1997

December 21, 1997|By Jim Bready | Jim Bready,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

This is the second installment in The Sun's customary year-end census of books about Maryland or by Marylanders; new books for the general reader. Sixty-four others were listed Nov. 16. (O) means oversize; (P), paperback. As to retail price, a book ordered directly from the publisher often needs about $3 more for shipping and handling.

Autobiography, Memoirs

"Leon's Tale," by Leon Tillage (Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 101 pages. $14) A North Carolina boyhood, recollected in anything but tranquility.

"The Engineer in War and Peace: From Guadalcanal to Main Street," by Philip C. (Pete) Cooper (Gateway. 206 pages. $25). A Shoreman's long, productive career with State Roads Commission, Navy Seabees, Salisbury's Public Works.

"The Seeing Glass: A Memoir," by Jacquelin Gorman (Penguin Putnam. 255 pages. $22.95). For Ogden Nash's descendants, what next? - autism, whooping cough, traffic death, blindness, but also the toughness to overcome.

"The Zieglers of Pigtown," by Ann Hennessy (Lillian E. Fairall Foundation, Rock Hall 21661. 156 pages. $20) (P) Family-tree yarns.

"Susan, A Child of the Twenties," by Blanche Venables (Vantage. 180 pages. $15.95). A Tennessee girlhood.


"Agent of Destiny: The Life and Times of Gen. Winfield Scott," by John S.D. Eisenhower (Free Press. 464 pages. $27.50). An Army general in his 20s, still one in his 70s, Scott personified history.

"Henrietta Szold: The Saga of an American Woman," by Nachum T. Gidal (Gefan Books. 151 pages. $27.95) (O) A noted photojournalist's last tribute.

Critical Studies

"The Instant of Knowing: Lectures, Criticism and Occasional Prose," by Josephine Jacobsen (University of Michigan Press. 208 pages. $29.50) From the poet and short story writer, excellence in a third genre - essays.

"Revolutionaries of Realism," edited by Bennard Perlman (Princeton. 350 pages. $35). Letters between Robert Henri and John Sloan, of painting's Ashcan School.

"A William Butler Yeats Encyclopedia," by Sam McCready (Greenwood. 485 pages. $95). Doorways into the work of one of modern times' foremost poets.

"Art of Creative Nonfiction," by Lee Gutkind (John Wiley & Sons. 211 pages. $14.95) (P)

"An Unspoken Art: Profile of Veterinary Life," by Lee Gutkind (Henry Holt. 226 pages. $25)


"Grace and Favor," by Thomas Caplan (St. Martin's. 323 pages. $24.95). An American encounters life and violent death in titled, monied England.

"People of the Mist: A Novel of the Algonquin Nation," by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear (Tom Doherty Associates. 432 pages. $26.95). Life around here, about 1,300 A.D. Unspoiled Bay; women with rights; ways to fend off the mosquitoes.

"An Unholy Alliance," by Ella Guidry-Harrison (Aunt Hagar's Chaps. 273 pages. $19.95). (P) Gender problems, set in New Orleans.

"Eccentric Circles, An Uncommon Tale of Five Women," by Lynn Buck (Dorrance. 318 pages. $19. In old age - action, obstacles and, especially, caring.


"Ancient Inscriptions: Voices From the Biblical World," by Kyle McCarter (Biblical Archaeological Society. 181 pages. $39.95. With 140 slides, $139.95). The earliest methods of writing.

"The Discovery of Spoken Language," by Peter Jusczyk (MIT Press. 314 pages. $32.50)

"Inventing Grand Strategy and Teaching Command: The Classic Works of Alfred Thayer Mahan Reconsidered," by John Tetsuro Sumida (Johns Hopkins. 128 pages. $24.95)

"Burgundy to Champagne: The Wine Trade in Early Modern France," by Thomas Brennan (Johns Hopkins. 376 pages. $39.95)

Local History

"Maryland Loyalists in the American Revolution," by M. Christopher New (Tidewater. 185 pages. $26.95). Some good people remained loyal to England, after Lexington and Concord.

"Baltimore, 1797-1997: Bringing Our Lives Into the 21st Century," by Amy L. Bernstein with Paul Lavenhar and David Taft Terry (Cherbo. 224 pages. $34.95) (O). The city's two incorporated centuries so far, plus profiles of businesses and institutions.

"Histories of the Bench and Bar of Baltimore City," by John Carroll Byrnes and others (Baltimore Courthouse and Law Museum Foundation. 138 pages. Free, through 1997.) Pictures, rosters, 634 footnotes - a superior bicentennial observance.

"Wartime America: The World War II Home Front," by John W. Jeffries (Ivan R. Dee. 224 pages. $9.95) (P)


"Director's Cut," by John Waters (Scalo. 288 pages. $49.95) Frames from movies, great and otherwise, favorites of the famous Baltimore auteur and director.

"Becoming a Physician," by Jennifer Danek and Marita Danek (John Wiley & Sons. 218 pages. $18.95) (P). To ease the uncertainties of pre-med students.

"An Unspoken Art: Profile of Veterinary Life," by Lee Gutkind (Henry Holt. 226 pages. $25)

"Baltimore Job Source: The Only Source You Need to Land the Internship, Entry-Level or Middle Management Job of Your Choice," by Betty Glascoe, Mary McMahon and Ruth E. Thaler-Carter (Benjamin Scott. 305 pages. $15.95) (P)

"Historic Inns and Famous Homes of Maryland: A Guide to Historic Beds & Breakfasts," by Donna Goldsmith-Day (Eastwind. 93 pages. $6.95)

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