150 years ago in The SunDec. 24: In our advertising...

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December 21, 1997|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 24: In our advertising columns are presented an unusual array of entertainments and amusements for Christmas and Christmas Eve, sufficient to suit the taste of all.

Dec. 27: Young Men, Stop That -- It was a source of great regret to us, as well as all friends of temperance, to notice, during nearly the whole of Christmas Day, crowds of the rising generation, under the influence of "King Alcohol."

100 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 24: Yesterday, for the first time this season, enough snow fell in Baltimore to cover the ground and housetops with a mantle of white.

Dec. 22: The St. James Hotel, Charles and Centre streets, will be reopened today after having been closed for four years. The house has been entirely renovated, newly equipped, newly furnished and redecorated. A new steam heating plant has been added, with a radiator in every room, and electric lights will be in each room.

50 years ago in The Sun

Dec. 26: 27 SUE TO BAN ORIOLES FROM CITY STADIUM -- Residents of the neighborhood surrounding the Stadium yesterday filed their long-awaited suit to prevent the city from leasing the Stadium to the Baltimore Oriole Baseball Club, whose games, they contend, are a nuisance.

Pub Date: 12/21/97

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