Vito Stellino's power rankings

December 19, 1997

1. Green Bay: Packers don't want to leave their title in San Francisco.

2. San Francisco: Rice should have saved his debut for Green Bay.

3. Pittsburgh: Steelers defense fooled Bledsoe last week.

4. Kansas City: Chiefs can be 13-3 for the second time in three years.

5. Denver: The game is about blocking and tackling, not spitting.

6. Jacksonville: Jaguars could be headed for Denver again.

7. New England: Bledsoe shouldn't have thrown that last pass.

8. Tampa Bay: Bucs should have let Dilfer rest last week.

9. New York Giants: Giants may get to batter Redskins again in playoffs.

L 10. Miami: Jimmy Johnson got caught looking ahead last week.

11. New York Jets: Foley may get the call in relief.

12. Detroit: Sanders is one of a kind.

13. Minnesota: Vikings losing their way into the playoffs.

14. Washington: Turner got vote of confidence despite 25-37-1 mark.

L 15. Philadelphia: Can Eagles knock Redskins out of playoffs?

16. Buffalo: The Bills don't want Kelly back.

17. Dallas: Switzer will be kicked upstairs.

18. Carolina: Panthers may have been one-year wonders.

19. Cincinnati: Esiason has found the fountain of youth.

20. Atlanta: Falcons are on -- believe it or not -- five-game win streak.

21. Ravens: Is Kelly heading to Baltimore?

22. Tennessee: McNair is first quarterback to lose twice to Ravens.

23. Seattle: Erickson figures to get a pink slip.

24. Oakland: So does Bugel.

25. New Orleans: How did Ditka get six wins?

26. San Diego: How did the Chargers beat the Ravens?

27. St. Louis: Rams keep selling out despite their poor record.

28. Chicago: Is Cox heading out of town?

29. Indianapolis: Colts may blow chance to get Manning.

30. Arizona: Cardinals are ready to auction off first pick.

Pub Date: 12/19/97

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