Star 'wars'

December 18, 1997

Clear or colored? We asked a few local luminaries how they prefer their Christmas lights:

"I use white lights and only the non-blinking kind. That's because I'm a purist at heart. When I was a kid, my father was in the Navy and we had blue and white lights. I've never been the blinking sort. But I do not hold anybody who uses colored or blinking lights in contempt. It's simply a matter of personal taste."

-- John Buren, Channel 13 sportscaster

"White lights? No way. Colored lights are customary. Doesn't everybody use them? Plus, I'm from Florida, and we're into colors down there."

-- Wally Williams, Ravens center

"I prefer non-blinking lights and white lights because they enhance the ornaments on our tree that have been handed down for generations, and outside they look great against the evergreen shrubbery."

-- Gov. Parris N. Glendening

"I don't hang lights because they'll get stolen, but if I could hang lights I would always, always hang those teeny tiny clear ones. And for god's sake, not blinking. This is not Times Square."

-- Lisa Simeone, former WJHU-FM announcer

"I like the colored lights and so does my wife. That's how they were when I was a kid. It's what we've always remembered. And non-blinking, please. It's a sacrilege to have blinking lights."

-- Jim McKay, veteran sportscaster

"I use white lights on my house because I have a bungalow with white columns, and I like to evoke as much as I can the Washington Momument, because that's in my turf. But seriously, I got them actually because they were cheap. That's the main motivation. But I do like the white on the white columns."

-- Jamie Hunt, executive director, Mount Vernon Cultural District

"We don't hang lights outside the house. We do keep tubs of boiling oil in the windows for the carolers, though, and that lights up the evening on a cold night."

L -- Dr. Bill Howard, general surgeon, Union Memorial Hospital

"We used white lights, but only because we already had them. The white lights look wonderfully elegant on the house, but more and more I like the colored lights. They seem more festive or evocative of childhood. I'm probably on the fence. But aboslutely not blinking."

-- Mary Pat Andrea, owner of Hometown Girl

"I have lights on a tree outside the house. White ones. Because that's what my wife wants. I think they're brighter, and they can be seen probably from a longer distance. And I can find my way home that way."

-- Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts Hall of Famer

Pub Date: 12/18/97

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