No place like : A record 44.5 million people plan to...

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December 14, 1997

No place like : A record 44.5 million people plan to travel at least 100 miles from home by land, sea or air during the Christmas-New Year's period, according to a survey by AAA and the Travel Industry Association. Nearly 35 million people will be journeying by car, light truck or recreational vehicle, and the biggest number of those travelers -- 9.1 percent -- will start their trips in the western United States. Many will use the time to go off on vacation.

Just ask: Customer complaints can often be difficult and expensive to address. But Inc. magazine reports that Ed Hurson, CEO of Wonderwood Corp., a Florida-based wood products manufacturer, found it was cheaper and easier if he asked

customers how they wanted the problem solved. He found this out by accident -- after he replaced an entire wood fence for a dissatisfied customer, and the customer was still unhappy. Hurson asked how the customer wanted the problem fixed, and the solution turned out to be much cheaper.

Pub Date: 12/14/97

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