You're better off with fresh fish

Rush-hour remedies

December 10, 1997|By Maria Hiaasen

* Item: Healthy Choice frozen fish entrees

* Servings per package: 2

* Cost: $3.99-$6.99 (Price varies depending on the type of fish.)

* Preparation time: 15 minutes conventional oven or 5 minutes microwave

* Review: Fish that's fast and healthful sure sounded good, but the portions were puny, and the taste didn't justify the cost. To its credit, Healthy Choice has included tasty recipes for these uncooked, vacuum-packed, frozen fillets. Nonetheless, frozen fish just can't compare with fresh. The salmon we tried tasted as if it came from a can, and the flounder wasn't much better. Better to stop at your local fish market on the way home.

Pub Date: 12/10/97

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