Naked aggression on MTV

December 09, 1997|By J. D. Considine

Viewer advisories aren't exactly unusual on MTV, but the one that aired in the middle of "120 Minutes" early yesterday was without precedent. Warning that the next video contained violence, drug use and full-frontal nudity, MTV News correspondent Kurt Loder urged viewers who might be offended to "turn off your TV."

With that, the cable channel aired the Prodigy video "Smack My Bitch Up."

The clip, which had drawn protests from the National Organization for Women even before it got its 1 a.m. airing, offers a violent and sordid view of London night-life. Shot so that the viewer "sees" the action from the protagonist's perspective, it shows heavy drinking, cocaine use, a woman being groped, vomiting, a bathroom brawl, topless women, a naked stripper, drunken driving and a sex scene. In the last shot, the camera pans to a mirror, which reveals the protagonist to be a young, blond woman.

MTV spokeswoman Sheryl Jones says the channel is "still in the process of getting viewer reaction," adding that the clip aired on MTV Europe with no complaints. Although the channel may air it again, Jones said it was not on the schedule.

Pub Date: 12/09/97


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