Recent filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of...


December 08, 1997

Recent filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Maryland, Baltimore City:

Nov. 26

Madrid's Contracting Inc.,1680 Village Green, Crofton, a government contractor, filed for protection under Chapter 11. Principal: Daniel Madrid, president. Assets: $968,376; liabilities: $2,104,804

BLR Communications Inc.,8624 Frederick Road, Ellicott City, incorporated in Nevada and engaged in the sale/resale of telecommunications equipment, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Robert Lehson, officer. Assets: $830,500; liabilities: $1,087,102.54

Dec. 1

James Jr. and Marlene McCauley,3728 Spring Meadow Drive, Ellicott City, operating an insurance agency, filed under Chapter 7. Assets: over $100,000; liabilities: over $500,000

Dec. 2

Richard D. and Michael P. Evans Partnership,ship, 250 S. River ++ Clubhouse Road, Harwood, a nursery farm and real estate operation, was petitioned into an involuntary Chapter 11 filing for a partnership accounting by Michael P. Evans, a general partner. Assets and liabilities were not listed.

Dec. 3

Philip E. Schafer Testing Laboratory Inc.,1818 Pot Spring Road, Timonium, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: C. Phyllis Schafer, stockholder. Assets: $16,320; liabilities: $246,542.25

Dec. 4

Daniel L. and Christine Hicken,1041 Newquay Road, Ocean City, jointly operating a commercial fishing enterprise, filed for adjustment of debts under Chapter 13. Assets: $197,002; liabilities: $272,163

Advantage Web Press LLC,1110 Wilso Drive, Baltimore, a printing house, filed for protection under Chapter 11. Principal: Andrew Hahn. Assets: $475,300; liabilities: $125,000


a.k.a.: also known as; d/b/a: doing business as; t/a: trading as; n/a: not available; LLC: Limited Liability Company; L/P: Limited Partnership; J/V: Joint Venture; P/A: Professional Association.

Pub Date: 12/08/97

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