1997-98 Baltimore City/County wrestling preview

December 07, 1997|By Lem Satterfield

Baltimore County public schools

Carver A&T

1996-97 record: 4-9

Coach: Pete Skeels

Top wrestlers: Travis Wyczawski, 130-135, Sr.; Joe Ruth, 160-171, Sr., Rob Draper, 140, Sr.; Clarence Gilmer, 189, Sr.

Outlook: Skeels has 16 wrestlers, but most are freshmen. He'll be forfeiting some weight classes every match, so individual achievement is the goal while building.

Catonsville Comets

1996-97 record: 7-5

Coach: Doug Campbell

Top wrestlers: Solomon Jovenal, 171, Sr.; Wayne Wilson, 102, Jr.; Leonard Jovenal, 145-152, Jr.; Won Hill, 125-130, So.

Outlook: Campbell has only three returning starters, but with 37 wrestlers, he has plenty to work with.

Chesapeake Bayhawks

1996-97 record: 2-9

Coach: Todd Abramovitz

Top wrestlers: Frank Messick, 125, Sr.; Mike Hitt, 119, Sr.; Josh Swieczkowski, 135, Jr.; Jason Rawlings, 189,Jr.; Will Hovel, 171, So.; Brian Harrison, 103, So.; Danny Hauser, 112, So.

Outlook: The Bayhawks won't fill all the weight classes, but they don't lack individual talent. Hovel is a former junior league state champ. Hauser also brings some talent from rec leagues.

Dulaney Lions

1996-97 record: 11-3

Coach: Pete Chakmakas

Top wrestlers: Tom McGinley, 119, Sr.; Mike Hwang, 125, Sr.; Phil Brammucci, 130, Sr.; Amir Hassani, 145, Sr.; Matt Bulloch, 135, Sr.; Peter Rinehart, 152, Sr.; Patrick Ross, 112, Jr.; Kevin Koors, 189, Jr.; Adam Fields, Jr.; Kieron McNelis, 171, Jr.; Mike Winters, 112, So.; Rob Leonard, 160, So.

Outlook: Coming off last year's county tournament runner-up season, the Lions will try to improve behind Bulloch (25-7 last season, second in the county, first region), Hassani (third county), McGinley (fourth region), Brammucci (fourth county) and Hwang (fourth county). The lineup should be bolstered by JV champs Leonard, Koors, Ross and Winters, along with JV runners-up McNelis and Fields.

Dundalk Owls

1996-97 record: 10-4

Coach: Rob Hutsler

Top wrestlers: Rich Reesey, 119-125, Sr.; E.J. Stapleton, 189, Sr.

Outlook: The Owls have 25 wrestlers. Two-time county champ Reesey, a region and state runner-up last year, returns, as does Stapleton (fourth in the county).

Eastern Tech Mavericks

1996-97 record: 13-1

Coach: Joe Gast

Top wrestlers: Demitrios Gourgoulianis, 119, Sr.; Hector Santana, 160, Sr.; Mike Holter; 130, Sr.; Wes Woodard, 140, Jr.; Billy Daisey, 125, Sr.; Justin Birchfield, 125, So.; Dave Wooden, 152, So.

Outlook: The county champs return Gourgoulianis (first county, first region, third state), Santana (first county, second region), and Woodard and Birchfield, both fourth in the county.

Franklin Indians

1996-97 record: 10-4

Coach: Scott Delpo

Top wrestlers: Eric Goldschmidt, 130-135, Sr.; John Schuster, 152-160, Jr.; Eddie Geordt, Hwt., Sr.; Stan Wagner, 103, So.; Ryan Ridgley, 125, So.

Outlook: All but one starter from last season returns. "We're balanced, and we have a lot of decent kids up from the rec leagues," Delpo said.

Hereford Bulls

1996-97 record: 9-5

Coach: John Billingslea

Top wrestlers: Pat Curtis, 140, Sr.; Jeff Epps, 103, So.; Rob Almony, 135, Sr.; Dan Comer, 152, Sr.; Jason Murphy, Hwt., Sr. Todd Leitzel, 119, Fr.

Outlook: Curtis (31-7 last year) was third in the county and the region and fifth at states. Murphy was 8-3 last winter. Almony was fourth in the region, and Comer and Nassau, both fifth at regions. Forty wrestlers turned out.

Kenwood Bluebirds

1996-97 record: 7-9

Coach: Len Patrick

Top wrestlers: Matt Myrick, 160, Sr.; Bryant Mallory, 189, Sr.; Erik Thompson, Hwt., Sr.; Ryan Shultz, 130, Jr.; Shawn Halpin, 119, Sr.; Dave O'Connor, 140, So.; Pat Leap, 103, Fr.

Outlook: Kenwood has a decent number of wrestlers with 25, and maybe county's best upper-weight trio with Myrick (second county, first region), Mallory (second county, third region) and Thompson.

Lansdowne Vikings

1996-97 record: 0-12

Coach: Ken Michalak

Top wrestlers: Ed Amoroso, Hwt., Jr.; Phil Schaefer, 160, Jr.; Eric Shae, 140, So.

Outlook: The Vikings have a full varsity lineup and should improve with some wins this season.

Loch Raven Raiders

1996-97 record: 5-9

Coach: Keith Norris

Top wrestlers: Shawn Brown, 152, Sr.; Greg Seaby, 145, Sr.; Bernie Kim, 125, Sr.; Greg Walker, Hwt., Jr.; Chris Kuliogowski, 189, Jr.; Jason Deyo, 160, Jr.; Adam Carroll, 140, Jr.; Adain Smith, 135, Jr.; Richard Tatersal, 103, Fr.; Mike Logan, 130, Fr.

Outlook: The Raiders "look pretty solid," said Norris. "We're hoping to turn some heads."

Milford Mill Millers

1996-97 record: 3-10

Coach: Brian Layman

Top wrestlers: Jumoke Ajanku, 160, Sr.; Daniel Miller, 160-171, Sr.; Issac Gainer, 119-125, So.; Reggie Johnson, 112, So.; Gregory Shipley, 125-130, So.; Romel Thompson, 145-152, So.

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