25 years agoFollowing a public hearing and presentation by...


December 07, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago

Following a public hearing and presentation by the Carroll County Department of Parks and Recreation, the Hampstead Town Council started action to convert the area around Pump House No. 5 into a park. Initial plans for the park include two tennis courts, a basketball court and play area with a parking lot. The entire area would be appropriately fenced and landscaped at an estimated cost of $40,000. Of this amount, $30,000 will be funded under Maryland's "Open Space" program. -- Carroll Record, Dec. 7, 1972.

75 years ago

An elaborate "he" dinner was served at the home of Mr. Frank Leidy Thanksgiving. Messrs. Leidy, Hunter and Birely cooked the meal, which was served by Messrs. Smith, Whitmore and Bixler. Mr. Campbell carved the large 27-pound gobbler. The wives and families of the above men were guests, also a few special visitors, including Mr. and Mrs. Malotte of Hagerstown, Miss Gertrude Shaffer, Mrs. Mary Shaffer and Mrs. Carrie Bixler. Hurrah, for the men. Let them try it again. -- Democratic Advocate, Dec. 1, 1922.

100 years ago

"Frank," the old black horse belonging to Geo. H. Waltz, is dead. He was very sick for three weeks and on last Saturday, having become so weak he could not stand, Mr. Waltz had him killed and buried. Peace and rest to his bones. "Frank" had faithfully served his present master for 19 years. -- American Sentinel, Dec. 4, 1897.

Pub Date: 12/07/97

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