Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906 - )was married to American...

December 07, 1997

Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906 - )

was married to American aviator Charles Lindbergh, who in 1927 made the historic first solo flight across the Atlantic. She has written two memoirs of flying with her husband, "North to the Orient" and "Listen! The Wind," two books of poetry and a popular book of essays on women's themes, "Gift from the Sea." The Lindberghs' life was shadowed by the tragic kidnapping and death of their infant son. Sensitive and introverted, Anne Lindbergh wrote in her diaries about the effort to reconcile the demands of being a wife and mother much in the public eye with her own needs as a writer.

from "The Writer's Life,"

Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks, editors

Pub Date: 12/07/97

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