Ravens stand 9,300 short of selling out season tickets

December 05, 1997|By Jon Morgan

The Ravens have sold out another section of their new stadium, leaving 9,300 seats remaining out of the 59,000 that will be sold on a season-ticket basis.

The remaining tickets are all in the end zone, with 3,000 in the upper deck and 6,300 in the lower deck. The upper seats sell for $300 for the 10-game package and require the purchase of a $500 permanent seat license. The lower-deck seats cost $300 and carry a $750 seat license.

"We've been talking to the people with the Carolina Panthers, and it looks like we're paralleling where they were," said Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne. The Panthers played at Clemson University while their new stadium in Charlotte, N.C., was being built, and saw an increase in interest in ticket sales as the new park took shape, Byrne said.

The new Ravens stadium will have a capacity of 68,400, including 7,900 club seats; 2,400 seats in skyboxes; 1,000 held out for players, sponsors and other giveaways; and 6,000 reserved for single-game sales.

So far, the team has sold 49,700 seat licenses. During its first season last year, the team collected deposits on 54,000 licenses, but lost 15 percent of those sales to cancellations or consolidations after a disappointing debut season.

The team will move into the new stadium at Camden Yards next year.

Pub Date: 12/05/97

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