2 men exchange gunfire, shaking up a quiet suburb Both shooters, woman are wounded

residents call scene 'Wild West'

December 04, 1997|By Dail Willis | Dail Willis,SUN STAFF

A quiet suburban street near Randallstown became what one resident called "the Wild West" yesterday morning, when a pedestrian and a man in a car traded shots in the street, police said.

Both shooters and a female passenger in the car were wounded, according to Baltimore County police. No one else was injured.

The passenger, Kimberly Lynn Hunt, 30, of the 4700 block of Maryknoll Road was treated at Sinai Hospital and released, said police spokesman Bill Toohey. The identities of the other two people, both men, were not released.

One man was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where authorities said he was stable but in serious condition last night. The other was treated at Sinai and released.

The incident began shortly before 9 a.m., according to police, who provided this account:

Hunt and an unidentified man were backing out of her driveway in a maroon Nissan when a man approached on foot and began shooting into the car.

The man in the car returned fire, seriously injuring the pedestrian. The man in the car fled, running across the street and through several back yards.

Hunt also fled, running in another direction and knocking on neighbors' doors asking for help.

One of the neighbors called 911, and police arrived at a sprawling crime scene in considerable disorder.

The Nissan's door was flung open, at least one tire was flattened and the pedestrian lay bleeding beside the open car door. Hunt was at one end of the street asking for help, and the driver of the car was in a back yard at the other end of the street, where paramedics found him and determined that he had been shot in the foot.

Two handguns were recovered from the scene, and police searched the area, using a trained Labrador retriever, for other guns. None was found.

Police were investigating the shooting last night and had not disclosed whether the two men knew each other, or what the motive for the shooting might have been.

The incident astonished and angered several residents of the subdivision, called Belle Forte Farms, who clustered in small groups outside their homes later.

None of the people outside knew the residents of the home where the shooting occurred. They said that the neighborhood had been quiet and safe until yesterday morning.

"It was like the Wild West out here," Linda Scherr, who lives two blocks from Maryknoll, said of the shooting. "I don't remember people being this crazy -- it's out of control," she said.

"All we know is there was a running gun battle," said Henry Alford.

"This is a nice neighborhood -- we don't have any trouble," he said as he surveyed the car and the bloody clothing cut off one of the victims and left in a heap by paramedics.

"I don't like what I'm seeing -- I have two children [ages] 10 and 2, and a stray bullet has nobody's name on it," Alford said.

Pub Date: 12/04/97

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