Savor the season

December 04, 1997|By Ken Garfield

BE FREE this holiday season.

From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa, let yourself go long enough and far enough to savor the best that the days to come have to offer.

If you're going to the mountains this weekend to pick out your Christmas tree, don't snip at the kids for getting mud in the car. Don't worry that you've driven 200 miles to save 20 bucks on a tree you could have bought right around the corner.

Run pass routes

Just enjoy the time together. Breathe in air tinged with Fraser fir. Take a football; there's nothing neater than running pass routes through a mountain of trees.

Don't worry about anything this holiday season.

Don't get weighed down by deals and deadlines. Work will be there long after the turkey and in-laws are gone. Some bosses tend to keep their wingtips on your neck. For at least these next few weeks, don't let it drive you crazy. Put your briefcase in the closet and forget about it.

Don't let guilt-mongers who claim commercialism is killing the season make you feel bad. Sure, we should direct much of our time and money to charity. Of course, we should avoid maxing out on MasterCard. But if getting something special for someone is a way for you to show love, then shop 'til you drop. And don't waste a second wallowing in angst about it.

Don't let family wounds fester. Chances are you might be going through difficult times with a relative who sits across the table from you. Let the tension be defused by the powerful, possibly peaceful moments that await. Aren't the holidays the best time to reconcile? Wouldn't healing an old hurt be the greatest gift of all?

That's my wish for you and me this holiday, that we have the strength to rise above the culture's inhibitions, the courage to uncork our emotions and the grace to just let go and fly free.

Ken Garfield writes for the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer.

Pub Date: 12/04/97

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