'I just happened to learn this particular area'

December 04, 1997

The following are excerpts from state Sen. Larry Young's news conference yesterday:

"I don't know nothing else, to be honest with you. I just happened to learn this particular area of health care. I make no apologies for it. I have studied that and studied it, and I am good at it."

"I am just, if you will, biblically speaking, I'm John the Baptist on a bigger agenda."

"I will be meeting with the president of the Senate, I believe, next week. If he finds that there is an area there that I have to make an improvement on, I will certainly take it on with my counsel, Mr. [George L.] Russell."

"It's no accident that this comes on the heels of a very successful effort I spent the summer coordinating. This effort was the Revival Crusade of 1997, which attracted over 50,000 folks to our city in a two-day period."

"Right now, I do work as a consultant. We do our darnedest to make very clear that we take no contracts in Maryland."

"If they are trying to say state Sen. Larry Young is doing this vs. the LY Group, which is my [IRS Subchapter] S corporation, then that is exactly right. I am separating the two. I have a legislative arm that I use, and when I am doing my corporate work, I do my corporate work and I do get compensated for the work that I do."

"The president of the Senate approached me and said he had heard that there was some concern about my work and what the LY Group was and what am I doing. He asked me if I would meet with him and bring him up to date."

"No one wants their mamma to read bad things about them and trying to explain. I just simply said, 'You know, Momma, we have come a mighty long way, the two of us, and despite the odds, one of the other papers, City Paper, is just as bad at times.'

"You know why it won't stick? I am not a devious, dishonest person. I am accessible, and I stay to the people's agenda. I walk the streets. It's very clear no one will tell you that I like to be called senator. Call me LY."

Pub Date: 12/04/97

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