Child star tells all too much

December 01, 1997|By Dallas Morning News

Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford caught in love nest!!!

Forty years after "Leave It to Beaver" premiered on CBS, Frank Bank, alias Lumpy, has decided to spring his tell-all autobiography on an unsuspecting nation. Why now?

"I had a heart attack last year," he says. "And a lot of people told me I really ought to put my life story down. I told them it really wasn't that exciting and they said, 'You're crazy.' "

Called "Call Me Lumpy" and subtitled "My 'Leave It to Beaver' Days and Other Wild Hollywood Life," the book includes a chapter that begins, "I have slept with over 1,000 women. Which may seem preposterous when you think of the muddled, dumpy, awkward character [of] Lumpy Rutherford."

Perhaps. But Bank, now a 55-year-old senior vice president with a California brokerage firm, says he's even being a bit modest about the true number.

"I was there right from the start of the sexual revolution and believe me, I participated fully," Bank says. "Free love was in full bloom, and I was bloomin', man."

Pub Date: 12/01/97

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