Keep Anderson hereIf Brady Anderson signs with another...


November 30, 1997

Keep Anderson here

If Brady Anderson signs with another team, we will be losing one of the players who defines the Orioles. It is inevitable that the Orioles succumb to the faceless, hired-gun, big-money '90s baseball world to some degree, but to let Anderson go is to let go of what every major-league baseball team wants -- a personality that fans will take interest in long enough to see past all the filler that baseball has become.

Peter Angelos has the opportunity to let Baltimore look past Jon Miller and Davey Johnson. Step up to the plate and sign Anderson. Just be sure to bring your wallet.

David Ferraro


Standing up to Angelos

Peter Angelos' antics -- a warm smile and dinner for two -- worked for some of the players, but Brady Anderson is a seasoned veteran. Instead of being in awe of Angelos, Anderson must have perceived the arrogance of their "sit-down."

Unfortunately for the fans in Baltimore, Angelos has put everyone close to the deal between a rock and a hard place. Making a vow to refuse a five-year deal to Anderson is again misplaced anger. Angelos is angry at himself that Anderson didn't go for the bait.

Anderson is an exciting player who makes things happen. He's a supreme role model on and off the field. Angelos should swallow the crow, look to Anderson for guidance and bring him back for five years of good baseball.

Michael Zahorchak


Better without Morris

Without Bam Morris, the Ravens fly to 3-1-1.

With Bam Morris, the Ravens dive to 1-6.

Bye-bye, Bam.

Chuck Nicely


Defending Bradshaw

I would like to respond to a letter by Tom James (Oct. 26). His assertion that fans in Western Pennsylvania prayed that Terry Bradshaw would get off the field before he screwed things up is ridiculous. Perhaps too many Iron City beers are clouding James' memory.

I grew up in Western Maryland a die-hard Steelers fan. It is true that Bradshaw was not a fan favorite in his first few years. But Bradshaw became a leader for the Steelers in the dynasty years of the late 1970s. He earned his place in the Hall of Fame and in the hearts of true Steelers fans.

James' swipe that "lacrosse-loving Baltimore fans" are nothing more than camp followers is also uncalled for. You are not a football expert just because you come from Western Pennsylvania. People in Baltimore recognize talent when they see it. After all, they watched No. 19 for years.

Bruce Nycum


Multiple choice

A person who constantly jumps up or constantly stands in front of you, blocking your view at a sports event is: a.) an inexperienced fan; b.) an immature sports fan; c.) an inconsiderate sports fan; or d.) all of the above. Answer: (d).

Tom Holliday Hicks


Likes Whitbread coverage

I just want to thank you for your wonderful coverage of the Whitbread, which I have read daily and appreciate greatly.

Shirley Ownes


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Pub Date: 11/30/97

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