Comedy trio is hurting county's interestI just finished...


November 30, 1997

Comedy trio is hurting county's interest

I just finished reading your article (Nov. 18) about the meeting of the commissioners regarding growth control and adequate facilities. I have finally come to the conclusion that the three-man comedy routine that is supposed to represent the interests of this county is doing the exact opposite.

In the last three painful years, all Larry, Moe and Curly have done is puff up their chests and scare the building professionals and public to death, not to mention given Carroll County an undeserved black eye.

I was recently asked by a potential home-buying customer, "How long would we have to wait to build because of the moratorium?" My obvious response: "What moratorium?"

Never have I seen three people with such a lack of common sense or forethought run a company the size of this county. Carroll County, with all of its pluses, can no longer afford to be shut off from the rest of the state.

Michael Oakes


Government saving county from growth

James E. Harris Sr., of Westminster, writes of the Halloween "tricks" of government ("Tricks or treats from our government," Nov. 16). I suggest it is Mr. Harris who is tricking the voters.

First, government had nothing to do with the "Gang of Seven." Thousands of voters outside of his neighborhood abhor his plan of unmitigated growth and chaos for the county. I should know, since I am one who has been identified as being in his imaginary "Gang of Seven."

I applaud the county government for the appointments to the RTC planning commission which reined in the uncontrolled real estate industry, led by our county delegation (except for Democrat Ellen Willis).

Also, I applaud the investigation of Bob Lennon (though it hasn't gone nearly far nor fast enough), as well as the Interim Development Control Ordinance that prevents schools from being 200 percent above enrollment capacities in South Carroll instead of just 153 percent, as is Carrolltown Elementary.

Gene Edwards


Pub Date: 11/30/97

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