100 years ago Governor Lowndes protested to the City...


November 30, 1997|By Robert M. Pennington from the archives of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 years ago Governor Lowndes protested to the City Council against issuing a liquor license for a saloon opposite the Executive Mansion. He was joined by the Knights of Pythias and the First Methodist Church. There are 25 saloons in Annapolis. -- The Sun, Nov. 9, 1897.

Annapolis Dog Catcher William Stewart receives 50 cents per dog destroyed under a city ordinance to trap and kill all unlicensed dogs unless the owner pays a tax. He has disposed of 150 unlicensed dogs. -- The Sun, Nov. 9, 1897.

Trustees of the Annapolis Public School have appointed two additional teachers with 600 pupils on the rolls. Teachers are anxiously awaiting their overdue quarterly salary. -- The Sun, Nov. 19, 1897.

Theodore Roosevelt, assistant secretary of the Navy, delivered a lecture before the U.S. Naval Institute. Among other items, he said that while not sanctioning brutality in football, he encouraged the sport. -- The Sun, Nov. 20, 1897.

A "Klondike Party" is the latest addition to church entertainments. One will be held in Annapolis this week with an admission fee of 10 cents, entitling the holder of a ticket to a "gold claim." -- The Sun, Nov. 29, 1897.

Pub Date: 11/30/97

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