Reading series hailed as a public serviceThe writer is the...


November 26, 1997

Reading series hailed as a public service

The writer is the Montgomery County school superintendent.

Northern principal should be commended

Whether or not Northern High School principal Alice Morgan )) Brown made a mistake in suspending two-thirds of her students is not the important issue. The big issue here is the blatant disregard these students have for authority.

It would have been unconscionable for me, as a student, to have disobeyed an order from a principal, or even a teacher. I held these people in great reverence.

It seems, unfortunately, that many of today's students have no respect for and, therefore, no desire to comply with authority. It is critical that these youngsters quickly develop a respect for these figures, because they will have many of them throughout their lives. These students cannot succeed in life unless they have this respect.

Daniel F. Blauch



My hat is off to principal Alice Morgan Brown. She gave her students a clear, reasonable instruction to follow. She told them the reason for the instruction and she expected them to follow it. When faced with continued defiance from the students, she gave them a decision to make: They could return to class or leave school and be suspended.

The students knew what they should have done and, unfortunately, each student who walked out the door made the wrong decision. Each student was responsible for his or her actions and each needs to accept the consequences, which were spelled out beforehand.

After the home, school is one of the more likely places where students will learn responsibility and other values important for success in life. A showcase for her courage, foresight, compassion and integrity, Principal Brown's deft handling of this potentially explosive situation serves as a lesson in itself for her students.

David R. Moore


Cantor Luterman is a top tenor

Thank you so much for your Nov. 21 article on Cantor Melvin Luterman.

I have been an opera buff for approximately 30 years. When I moved to Baltimore from New York City, I was fortunate to attend a concert by Cantor Luterman with the Baltimore Symphony.

One of the selections was the final monologue from Verdi's "Otello." Cantor Luterman's dramatic tenor filled the hall, his interpretation flawless.

He is without a doubt equal to the other great dramatic tenors of our time -- Del Monaco, Corelli and Tucker.

Maria DeMeo

Towson It was refreshing to read the Nov. 13 column, "Angelos, then and now, a character," by Andrew Ratner, stating the views of Solomon Liss, Thomas J. D'Alesandro III and Gov. William D. Schaefer.

Their judgments of him far more resemble the man I know than do those elsewhere in The Sun by Ken Rosenthal and John Eisenberg.

Peter Angelos is a self-made man by his efforts and ability. His fortune was earned, not inherited.

He earned it in Maryland and is investing it in Maryland and Baltimore City. His investment in the Orioles benefits the businesses of Baltimore and all who attend the games.

Having proven himself a success during his lifetime, I would not be one to try to second-guess him on how to run the Orioles franchise.

Pete Tsambikos


Can't compare "Ellen" to "Lucy"

I have just read the Nov. 19 "Today's TV" column in which David Zurawik calls "Ellen" a sitcom classic. How dare he compare this trashy, immoral show to the real classic, "I Love Lucy."

In my opinion, "I Love Lucy" was and will probably remain some of the funniest TV episodes of all time. Lucille Ball was truly the "queen of comedy." She was so natural and wholesome. We laughed wholeheartedly at the clean, decent comedy.

Today's viewers still enjoy watching the re-runs. They don't need the immoral, indecent, illicit, sex-filled scripts that have penetrated most of TV today. I would encourage you to stop allowing these writers to infiltrate your paper with promotions of the homosexual lifestyle as natural and decent.

Katherine F. Jones


Pub Date: 11/26/97

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