Why are Dell and Haines trying to dry up the Maryland Wine...


November 23, 1997

Why are Dell and Haines trying to dry up the Maryland Wine 0) Festival?

Carroll County Commissioner Donald Dell's woefully misguided efforts to undermine the Maryland Wine Festival (Nov. 10) are nothing new.

He was preaching the same gospel back in 1992. As coordinator of the wine education seminars for the Maryland Wine Festival, I wrote a letter, printed in the Carroll County Times and copied to Mr. Dell, carefully addressing each of his objections. Now he has been joined in his diatribe by state Sen. Larry Haines, but it's the same old song.

What strikes me as curious is the timing. Their carping comes close on the heels of the recent Mid-Atlantic Wine Festival controversy in Annapolis. Festival coordinator Jerry Hardesty refuses to allow the Maryland wineries to share in the profits from the festival, preferring to allow out-of-state wineries to dominate what is supposed to be an event promoting Maryland products.

And now Messrs. Dell and Haines are objecting to the Maryland wineries being given a share of the gate receipts at the Carroll County festival.

Is this just a coincidence? In other East Coast states with wine festivals (many modeled after the Maryland Wine Festival), the wineries receive strong state support because they are recognized as economic assets.

Virtually no such support exists in Maryland. That's one reason there are so few Maryland wineries. Without the current financial arrangements at the festivals, one of the most successful, profitable and popular public events in the state would cease to exist.

As to the use of the county-supported Farm Museum as the setting for the activity, what more logical place to promote an agricultural product?

The festival is not, as Mr. Dell labels it, a booze party. It is a celebration of the accomplishments of one of Maryland's most deserving agricultural industries.

If Messrs. Dell and Haines really had the best interests of Carroll County at heart, they would support, not denigrate, a function which has for the past 14 years done this county proud.

Jack Johnston



How hypocritical can Sen. Larry Haines and County Commissioner Donald Dell be?

These two want to end the Maryland Wine Festival in Carroll County because it is held on government property? Big deal.

They certainly don't hesitate taking the tax money derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages at the event and around the state.

Why kill the "Golden Goose"? Wake up and let the people enjoy the festival.

oseph A. Dyson


Church thanks those who helped on child welfare

It is difficult for us to acknowledge that some children in Carroll County go to bed hungry at night, or have no home to call their own. Some children in Carroll have no medical insurance and don't receive the care that will prevent illness in the future. And, sadly, some children are neglected or physically or sexually abused.

Recently, Westminster United Methodist Church worked to make difference in the lives of children. We would like to gratefully recognize the contributions of those persons who freely gave of their professional skills, talents, and time to aid us in promoting child welfare during Peace With Justice Week.

Dr. Karl Green of the Carroll County Children's Fund, Rev. Mark ** Lancaster of Western Maryland College, James E. Upchurch, Jr. of Interfaith Housing of Western Maryland, and Kathi Hill, Esq. of Hill & Barnes, LLC of Westminster, addressed groups in a series of discussion on children's health, hunger, housing and violence.

Felton E. May of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church spoke during services Oct. 12 in recognition of the National Observance of Children's Sabbath, in conjunction with the Children's Defense Fund of Washington.

A Children's Health Fair was held in the church social hall to highlight the week of activities. We extend our thanks to the following participants: Carroll County Children's Fund, Child Support Unit of the Carroll County Department of Social Services, Carroll County Department of Juvenile Justice, Carroll County Food Sunday, Carroll County Health Department, Carroll County Youth Services Bureau, YMCA Chipmunk Preschool Program of Westminster, Hope Family Center, Carroll County Board of Education-Department of Special Education, Rainbows, Carroll County Board of Education-Families Learning Together Programs, Junction, Inc., Maryland Society for Sight, Parents Anonymous, Heifer Project, Raising Hopes Project and Day Care Center, Carroll County Family Center, Human Services Programs Carroll County and many other organizations which made materials and displays available to visitors to the Children's Health Fair.

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