The high cost of cake from mixWilliams-Sonoma's new cake...


November 19, 1997|By Elizabeth Large

The high cost of cake from mix

Williams-Sonoma's new cake mixes and frostings taste good. There's no disputing that. But you may suffer sticker shock when you realize what a finished cake costs you. One crystallized ginger spice cake mix: $9 -- it makes three 8-inch layers. Two jars of white chocolate ganache frosting: $9 each. (One jar frosts two 8-inch layers.) By the time you add eggs, buttermilk and unsalted butter, making the cake isn't exactly a quick process either.

A side of salmon

Etta MacKay from Olney, a k a the Salmon Lady, sells a fine holiday gift: Tobermory Scottish smoked Atlantic salmon (traditionally cured and single malt whisky cured). A 1-pound sliced side is $32. Call 800-278-4050 or sign on to www.salmonlady .com.

Pub Date: 11/16/97

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