Reaction to incident does school creditAs representatives...


November 16, 1997

Reaction to incident does school credit

As representatives of the parents, teachers and students at Long Reach High School, we are responding to the media frenzy surrounding the incident which occurred at our school on Oct. 21.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, we wholeheartedly support the action taken by our principal, David Bruzga. His prompt and appropriate actions brought about swift identification of those involved and resulted in immediate disciplinary action. It is also a credit to the student body that it stepped forward with information and supported the administration's investigation.

In the most diverse high school in the county, our students demonstrate every day respect and cultural tolerance towards their peers. In a school less than two years old, our students have shown excellence in academics, the arts, as well as athletic competition, which has been recognized by many awards at the county and state levels.

We have more than 1,000 bright, eager, enthusiastic young people who take great pride in their school. As adults in their world, we owe it to them to recognize and support their positive efforts to make Long Reach High a caring, successful, effective and safe school that is full of respect for each other.

Linda Betts


The writer is president of the Parent, Teacher, Student Association at Long Reach High School.

Oakland Mills people worked to save center

The people of Oakland Mills have once again risen to the occasion. Their spirit, determination and hard work in recent months has led to the very gratifying announcement that Metro Food Markets and the Rouse Co. will soon reconstruct and revitalize the Oakland Mills Village Center.

Much-deserved credit goes to the village's Save Our Center Committee, as well as to the many other residents who showed their concern by attending village meetings and volunteering their time and expertise in this intensive village-wide effort.

The role of the Oakland Mills Village Board and its village manager was also vital to the success of this effort. And the visible support of our elected local and state representatives made a big difference.

As Oakland Mills' representative on the Columbia Council, I found that participating in brainstorming sessions with our village's residents and in negotiations with the Rouse Co. was a highly informative and productive process. And the successful results are bringing smiles to faces throughout Oakland Mills and beyond.

Although the grand opening of our new center is about a year away, the people of our village can feel very proud of what has already been accomplished. We can now look forward to a brighter future for Oakland Mills than ever before.

Alex Hekimian


Thanks for taking part in county's 150th

We thank the religious communities that participated in this presentation of history highlights in honor of the celebration of 150 years in the life of Howard County. The magic day will occur on the Fourth of July 2001.

One of the principal efforts in the planning of the Sesquicentennial has been to have everyone, every organization, every town and each religious community participate in some fashion, and share in lighting the candles. It might be a history, a story, a poem, a parade, a musical, flowers in memory of someone or something, a quilt, fireworks or a prayer of thanks. In this instance, it is a slice of history.

A poem for the Sesquicentennial

Born on the Fourth of July

the county of Howard

was born without any bands,

on the Fourth of July

in these famous American lands.

The selection of the name "Howard,"

was really a natural choice.

For Mr. Howard was a native

and as governor had been its voice.

The people of Howard share this day,

with all the people of this great land.

It is a day of all days,

when all America walks hand in hand.

In earlier years, the lands

belonged to the elk herds

and the Indian people who respected

the land, the animals and the birds.

Later, the Ellicott boys came to build

a huge mill on a river fed by rain.

They persuaded the resident farmers

to switch their crops from tobacco to grain.

She had a great railroad

that helped open the wild west,

that we might for many years

be able to feed our citizens the best.

Our citizens have participated

in many famous events in history.

They have made significant contributions

in many fields.

That is all part of the story.

We need to celebrate our sesquicentennial

by making contributions to the story,

without rambles,

and by planning celebration events

that help everyone share in lighting the candles.

James M. Holway

Ellicott City

History of landmark ruined by suspicious fire

I read with great interest the account of the fire at St. Mary's College ("Suspicious fire destroys former seminary," Nov. 2).

I greeted the news with sadness and shock. St. Mary's College was one of the most interesting buildings in the area.

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