Books of the region: holiday suggestions on many subjects

November 16, 1997|By Jim Bready | Jim Bready,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

(O) means oversize; (P) means paperbound

Art, Architecture

"A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum," edited by Malcolm Baker and Brenda Richardson (Baltimore Museum of Art, Abrams. 432 pages. Paper, $35; cloth, $60) (O) Exhibition catalogue.

"American Rowhouse: Classic Designs," by Jonathon Scott Fuqua (Stemmer House. A Barbara Holdridge book. 42 pages. $6.95) (O) (P). An annotated portfolio of fronts and interiors, in line drawings.

"KAL Draws a Crowd," by Kevin Kallaugher (Woodholme. 176 pages. $12.95) (P). The pick of five years' editorial page cartoons.

Autobiography, Memoirs

"Before Their Time," by Robert Kotlowitz (Knopf. 195 pages. $22). One of the few GIs to survive a World War II action ponders U.S. command stupidity.

"The Short Life of the ASTP," by Frank N. Iglehart (American Literary Press. 99 pages. $10.50) (P). Here, too, the Battle of the Ardennes, close-up and bloody.

"Cotton Bowl Days: Growing Up With Dallas and the Cowboys in the 1960s," by John Eisenberg (Simon & Schuster. 300 pages. $24). Preparation for life as a Sun columnist.


"The One Best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency," by Robert Kanigel (Viking. 675 pages. $34.95). The original time-and-motion measurer.

"Misfit: The Strange Life of Frederick Exley," by Jonathan Yardley (Random House. 255 pages. $25). He swilled, he sponged, but Exley also wrote "A Fan's Notes."

"The Wildest One: The Life of Wild Bill Davison," by Hal Willard (Avondale. 437 pages. $26.75). He drank too, but in night clubs women rose like cobras from a basket and swayed to his cornet.

"Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature," by Linda Lear (Holt. 634 pages. $35). The revered author of "The Sea Around Us" and "Silent Spring."

"John Gottlieb Morris: Man of God, Man of Science," by Michael J. Kurtz (Maryland Historical Society. 202 pages. $20) (P). He founded Lutherville.

Cooking, Eating

"Dinner for Eight: Healthy Cooking for the Kosher Gourmet," by Jeanne Weisgal (Maxrom. 354 pages. $22.50). With 63 dinner-party menus.


"Ivan and Adolf: The Last Man in Hell," by Stephen Vicchio (Woodholme. 83 pages. $9.95) (P). Karamazov, Hitler: which one will God forgive?


"Circles of Stone," by Joan Dahr Lambert (Pocket Books. 406 pages. $23). Life in Africa, at three stages of history.

"Necessary Madness," by Jenn Crowell (Putnam. 208 pages. $21.95). Goucher sophomore and American novelist.

"Gallagher's Travels," by Jean McGarry (Johns Hopkins. 222. pages $21.95). Life on a newspaper.

"A Great Place to Die," by Sean Connolly (University Press of New England. 176 pages. $21.95). A curious miscellany of 1990s people, some with burdens, all with quests.

"Gould: A Novel in Two Novels," by Stephen Dixon (Holt. 227 pages. $24). Homewood's most prolific author.

"Twilley," by Bruce Fleming (Turtle Point. 334 pages. $14.95) (P). A novel needn't rely on conversation: e.g., Fleming (Naval

Academy) and Dixon.

"The Dancing Floor," by Barbara Michaels (HarperCollins. 326 pages. $23). Romantic suspense in England; "Seeing a Large Cat," by Elizabeth Peters (Warner. 386 pages. $23). Suspenseful romance in Egypt. (Michaels and Peters are pseudonyms for Barbara Mertz.)

"Charlie and the Children," by Joanna C. Scott (Black Heron. 236 pages. $22.95). In Vietnam, war and warriors.

"The Fountain of Highlandtown," by Rafael Alvarez (Woodholme. pages. $14.95). Short stories, set in East Baltimore's mulligatawney.

"Where Monsoons Cry," by Lalita Naronha-Blob (Bethesda Engravers. 42 pages. $8). A girl's growing up, in India.

"In Foreign Parts: Art & Stories," by Elisabeth Stevens (Birch Book. 120 pages. $18).

Guidebooks, Nature

"The C. & O. Canal Companion," by Mike High (Johns Hopkins. 270 pages. $15.95) (P). All 184.5 miles, from D.C. to Cumberland.

"The Wild Side of Maryland: An Outdoor Guide" (The Sun. 236 pages. $15.95) (P). Biking, birding, camping; wildlife; parks (five U.S., 49 state); maps, photos, phone numbers.

"Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia," edited by Chandler S. Robbins (University of Pittsburgh. 479 pages. $55) (O). The where and when of 201 species.


"Maryland's Blue & Gray: A Border State's Union and Confederate Junior Officer Corps," by Kevin Conley Ruffner (Louisiana State. 428 pages. $34.95). 365 Civil War captains and lieutenants.

"Black Jacks," by W. Jeffrey Bolster (Harvard. 310 pages. $27). One- fifth of some 100,000 U.S. seafarers, between 1800 and 1850, were black.

Local History

"The Battle for Baltimore, 1814," by Joseph A. Whitehorne (Nautical & Aviation. 262 pages. $29.95). Our big moment, seen from outside.

"The Price of Freedom: Slavery and Manumission in Baltimore and Early National Maryland," by T. Stephen Whitman (University of Kentucky. 232 pages. $35.95).

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