Think globally: American retailers, while working to...

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November 16, 1997

Think globally: American retailers, while working to improve their customer service, need to do a better job with a long-overlooked segment of shoppers -- foreign visitors. Envirosell, a marketing research firm, notes that stores in Europe are much better than their American counterparts at serving overseas customers, offering currency exchange, multilingual sales help, and in the case of restaurants, menus in multiple languages.

Mail scores: While a growing number of Americans get correspondence and bills online, the majority of consumers still prefer getting their mail on paper, via the post office. A survey of more than 1,300 adults commissioned by Pitney Bowes found 88.5 percent prefer to get bills through first-class mail, 81.2 percent want to get personal correspondence that way, and 71.8 percent want to get business correspondence delivered by a letter carrier.

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Pub Date: 11/16/97

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