Whitbread update

November 15, 1997

Status: Day 7, Leg 2


Boat, Nautical miles to finish

1. Swedish Match, 2,850.7

2. Innovation Kvaerner, 3,067.9

3. Toshiba, 3,190.5

4. Merit Cup, 3,491.4

5. EF Language, 3,491.5

6. BrunelSunergy, 3,567.8

7. Silk Cut, 3,573.5

8. Chessie Racing, 3,620.5

9. EF Education, 3,640.3

(as of 00: 2: 00 GMT)

Boat beat: Chessie Racing, stuck in eighth position, is "suffering" from sunny skies and a broken boom vang, which blew its seals. The boom vang stops the mainsail boom from flying up into the air, holding the leech tight. The boat lost 30 percent of the hydraulic fluid on the foredeck. The only replacement fluid the crew could find was a small amount of olive oil. Chessie is making the slowest progress of any racer, averaging 8.2 knots.

Weather: Low pressure near 46S/58E.

Note: Information compiled from the Whitbread Round the World Race Web site at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 11/15/97

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