United Way wins

November 13, 1997

MANY Baltimoreans will eat, sleep or breathe better because United Way of Central Maryland met its goal.

Some 600,000 of our friends and neighbors will turn to United Way-supported agencies for help. The principal raiser of charitable dollars for health and human services wrought the most-ever in payroll deduction pledges ($39.1 million) in the shortest campaign ever (10 weeks).

The argument for getting government out of the welfare business depends on the readiness of people to give voluntarily to those in need. People understand that United Way is the most efficient way to channel their charitable impulses in the community.

This year's success is vindication of the organization's determination to run a shorter campaign, ending well before Thanksgiving. It is a tribute to the volunteer campaign led this year by William Couper and to the volunteers in some 2,000 workplaces. United Way is working.

Pub Date: 11/13/97


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